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dUltimate dice - Kickstarter UPDATE #96

Hi Ultimates,

Time for another update; switching up the format a bit to make it easier for everyone to find the information which they want to know:

Shipping status Kickstarter rewards

The current numbers:

  • European Union: 44% packaged; 44% shipped

  • North America: 28% packaged; 0% shipped

  • Rest of the World: 20% packaged; 0% shipped

Packaged means that the entire order has been packaged, which includes one or multiple dice and possible additional rewards based on the selection you made via the PledgeBox survey.

Shipped means that the package has been given to PostNL / ParcelParcel (for EU + World) or USPS / DPD (North America). Even before the package has been given to one of these postal services you will receive a track-and-trace notification on your known e-mail address.

When can I expect my Kickstarter rewards?

  • European Union: I expect to have packaged and shipped most, if not all, packages by half of August. (Thank you EU for making shipping between countries easy!)

  • North America: As mentioned last time I'm working together with a fulfillment agency based in New Jersey with reasons three-fold:

  • 1. Attempt to keep the rising shipping costs in check;

  • 2. Allow for better track-and-trace (and reliability of shipment);

  • 3. Skip having to do a lot of paperwork (=time) for every single package, but instead only one set of paperwork per batch.

  • This step had become a necessity due to the large number of US backers (love you all! ❤️) and thus also more time, more costs, and a much larger risk of failed deliveries (in part due to PostNL tracking not working that well once it crosses the ocean, based on previous experiences shipping to the US.)

  • For now I expect to deliver the packages to the fulfillment center in 1 or 2 batches, please be patient for a few more weeks while I package the rest. After that, it could take about a month to: ship overseas, arrival and unpacking at the fulfillment center, distribution via USPS / DPD, and finally arrive at your doorstep! I'll update the numbers that I have as best I can in the following updates.

  • Rest of the world: I'm sending out one or two packages per country first to check if both the paperwork for that specific country is correct and the package arrives as planned. After seeing a positive response on the tracking page I will continue sending all other packages for that country. I'm doing this check to make sure all packages arrive the way they are supposed to without any unexpected hassle.

  • Due to this, and the fact that I'm trying to package a lot of similar order at the same time, I don't have a good estimate for when you will receive your tracking information and when the package eventually arrives. Do know that your packages are being packed and once the first shipment for your country has passed I will prepare the paperwork and send the rest of them out soon after.

Why is it taking so long?

Please take the above information as a guideline for your dUltimate dice! In the meanwhile I thank you for your patience and want to remind you that it's just me (and my awesome wife) that are taking care of packaging and shipping during our evening hours and weekends. We're doing our absolute best 💪

Can I have a status update for my order?

I understand your excitement after what has already been such a long wait, but I must ask you all to please hold off mailing or messaging me for a status update on your order. I am most likely working on it and replying to all the messages also takes time which I could've spend packaging and shipping more dice :-) The better time to start messaging me about your order is when the shipped status for your region is at 100%. I will post a new update here about every other week.

Shipping status pre-orders & late pledges

All pre-orders and late pledges will be packaged and shipped immediately after all Kickstarter rewards have been shipped. Thank you once more for your patience!! ❤️

dUltimate dice packaged and labeled with the last 7 digits of your PledgeBox order ID's, and ready for shipment to the US. Is your PledgeBox order ID in this image?

Thank you all!

Thank you for your patience! Thank you for all your great feedback after receiving your dice; I love hearing about and seeing what your adventures with this dice look like! And of course, thank you all once again for your support of the dUltimate dice project!! Even though this project still has some way to go; it's awesome to finally read so many positive messages after receiving the dUltimate dice that this project really feel so much more worth it after having been such a big part of my live for the last few years. Thank you! 🎲

Moving soon? 

Or just realized that you never (re)did your survey since June 2023?

First, please check your e-mail for your PledgeBox survey and see if the rewards and shipping details are correct to you. If not, or if you can't figure it out, just send me an e-mail at with your Kickstarter backer number or Kickstarter e-mail and we can figure it out together. During the next few weeks response time will be slower because I'm mainly focusing on packing and shipping the dUltimate dice.

Keep on rolling!


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