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dUltimate dice - Kickstarter UPDATE #95

Hi Ultimates,

It's another Friday; time for a weekend update!

Project Status & Expectations

I've just packaged the 500th dUltimate dice!

Some of the first dUltimate dice being packaged!

Packaging a dice consist of:

  • Unpacking the wooden box

  • Quality inspection of the wooden box*

  • Unpacking the correct style dUltimate dice

  • Quality inspection of the dUltimate dice

  • Wrapping the the dice in a protective plastic bag and placing it inside the wooden box

  • Adding the serial card to the wooden box

  • Closing and repackaging the wooden box

  • Add a thank you note + survey request for "single dice orders" or placing the package dice aside for "combined orders" 

I'm batching the packaging process as much as possible in groups of up to 15 (that's how many can comfortably fit on my table) to speed up the process, reduce the chance for mistakes, and make sure the quality checking is much more consistent over the entire process!

*= during this inspection I noticed quite some of the wooden boxes missing the tiny rubber feet on the bottom. Luckily the manufacturer quickly acknowledges their mistake and has offered to send over extra rubber feet (more work for me, haha.) Though for now I estimate there will be enough good wooden boxes to ship out for all Kickstarter backers and pre-orders! 

A batch of Iridescent dUltimate dice being packaged.

What can you expect? 

For now I'm just packaging and shipping whenever I can. Some of you have already received their dice and have left very positive comments - I'm truly glad to hear that!! In the current pace I'm packaging about 500 dice per week which means that it could take up to 8 weeks from now to fulfill all dice. At the moment I'm trying to batch similar order as much as possible to speed up the workflow - so there is really no telling which backer will get their dice when based on any given statistic. We all just have to be a little bit more patient.

If you're in the US or Canada you will receive a notification via USPS or DPD. I will work together with a fulfillment partner based in the US and they'll supply me with more details very soon.

If you're in the rest of the world you will receive a notification via PostNL or ParcelParcel. In the case of PostNL mails it is possible that they will be in Dutch, but nowadays most browsers will translate it for you and they do have a language select button in the top corner. Just a heads up so that you know that these notifications will not be spam.

In any case the notifications and shipping labels will contain references to LEN polygon and/or dUltimate dice.

Shipping pre-orders will start after all Kickstarter rewards have been fulfilled. Updated timeline will follow soon.

Moving soon? Or just realized that you never (re)did your survey since 2023?

First please check your e-mail for your PledgeBox survey and see if the rewards and shipping details are correct to you. If not, or if you can't figure it out just send me an e-mail at with your Kickstarter backer number or Kickstarter e-mail and we can figure it out together. During the next few weeks response time might be a bit slower because I'm mainly focusing on packing and shipping the dUltimate dice.

Keep on rolling!


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