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Multisquare 1

by LEN polygon


The Multisquare 1 puzzle is an 128-in-1 packing puzzle with varying levels of difficulty which can take you a few minutes up to multiple days! 


Simply pick one of the assignments from the booklet and arrange the listed pieces into a square. There is only 1 solution per assignment (excluding mirroring or rotation the entire solution.)

My goal was to create a puzzle that would hours of puzzle time with a lot of replayability regardless of your puzzle-level.

I've designed the puzzle by coding it in C# and then letting the computer figure out all possible puzzles with at least 1 solution. Depending on the amount of pieces and the amount of solutions for a given combination of pieces I determined the difficulty of each puzzle. I spend a lot of time figuring out the best combination of pieces to result in a fun puzzling experience.

Interested? Check out this Print-and-Play example from the booklet below and try it for yourself!


Right click the image above and print it.

Cut all the blue lines and follow the instructions below to start puzzling!

How to play:

Over the next pages you will find rows and rows of puzzles. Every row contains a unique puzzle consisting of multiple pieces.


Each piece is unique and can be rotated and turned over however required.


Below is an example puzzle:


The goal for each puzzle is to form a complete square.


To solve the above puzzle (Nº 1):

- Take the pieces listed above;

- Use the box or a flat surface;

- Assemble the pieces in a square without any voids or holes;

- Remember: pieces may be rotated and turned upside down.

See here the solution for puzzle Nº 1:


As is visible the pieces form into a square without any holes and thus is a valid solution.


Not every puzzle has a single unique solution. This is why there are no solutions in this booklet. However it is guaranteed that every puzzle has at least one solution. Depending on the amount of pieces and solutions a difficulty is set for each puzzle. Puzzles are ordered in increasing difficulty. Good luck!


Some of the pieces have the same shape but differ in size, see the following table:


Overview of all 15 puzzle pieces:


If you have any feedback or are interested in more puzzles for a specific level then please let me know!

Click here to reach out to me via the contact form.

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