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Kickstarter campaign

The campaign has ended.

The Kickstarter rollercoaster

What an adventure this is!

I haven't posted here yet about the actual launch, because I've been literally stuck in the rollercoaster called "Kickstarter". Everyday and every hour something happens:

  • New comments on the campaign;

  • Backers require an update;

  • Another private message;

  • Your social media post is booming;

  • You need to make additional social media posts;

  • Marketing companies contact you;

  • You reply back to said marketing companies, get in touch here their stories...

  • Some marketing companies will work for a small fee, others literally requires thousands of money

  • Scammers are around every corners;

  • People want to cross-promote

  • People don't want to cross-promote, they just want to spam their campaign at you...

  • Reddit liked your product when it was made in your backyard

  • Reddit suggested you make it into a Kickstarter

  • Reddit hates the Kickstarter because it involves money

  • You get addicted to the statistics and keep refreshing the page every few minutes

  • You're also refreshing social media, analytics, dashboard and more

  • Meanwhile you're doing all the other things that life still requires of you.

  • And so much more...

Waoh, it's pretty exciting and exhausting at the same time!

I couldn't have done it without the support of people close to me and of course every single backer. Thank you all for starting this journey with me.

As soon as things cool down a bit I'll be able to look back at it more clearly and write some more informative blog posts. If there are any specific requests or suggestions feel free to let me know.

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