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dUltimate prototype giveaway!!

dUltimate Dice Giveaway!

Yes! I'm giving away one of my handmade dUltimate prototypes. This is only one of the few in existence for now. So for everyone that can't wait to get their hands on one of these, now is your chance!

The Prize

  • One of a kind, unique, orange dUltimate die that can replace each individual die of a complete polyhedral dice set

  • Inked in the colors of your choice

  • Shipped right to your doorstep

How to enter

Go to your favorite social platform, using the links below, then:

  1. Follow @lenpolygon to get the latest update on the dUltimate project

  2. Like the dUltimate dice giveaway post

  3. Reply to the post with a comment; tagging 2 people and telling everyone which color you want the die inked

  4. As a bonus, share the post on your feed to help the dUltimate project succeed!

Repeat this for your other socials to increase your chance of winning!

Social platforms






  • Everyone subscribed to the Newsletter on also has their a chance of winning the contest without requiring any further action - also, by subscribing you are ensured to always get the latest news on the dUltimate project!


  1. The contest is open for a week until 17 July 2021 13:00 CEST

  2. I will make a screenshot of all commenters at end end time

  3. I will add all the names to the a random name picker website (

  4. Duplicate names on the same social platform are ignored, duplicate names on different social platforms are allowed

  5. I will select a name via this website, then check if the entry is valid (see "How to enter" section above)

  6. If the entry is valid I will contact the winner and await 24 hours for a reply, if there is no reply I will use the same method to select a new winner

  7. The winner, their colors of choice, and a video of me painting the die will be posted shortly after

  8. The colors of choice for inking should be within reason; I will make a proposal color if I cannot do the originally requested colors

  9. As long as the mailman can reach you there are no shipping restrictions (worldwide!)

  10. I have no control over taxes or customs in your country, so any import or customs feed and duties are not included - though I doubt that will be an issue for most countries considering this is just a prototype


I am in no way a social media or marketing expert nor do I to have any idea what I'm doing in that regard; I just thought this would be a fun thing to do. If the wording of the contest is unclear or wrong I have the right to adjust them at a later date. But, do feel free to leave a comment and let me know.

This contest is part of a campaign in which I attempt to reach a wider audience. A wider audience will hopefully result in a larger demand for dUltimate dice and this will greatly increase the chance of a successful Kickstarter campaign. This means that even if you don't win this specific contest you will still help all of us to make the dUltimate dice a reality - and hopefully own one yourself!

So thank you very much!! Sharing = caring

Update: we've got a winner!

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