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dUltimate dice - Kickstarter UPDATE #92

Hi Ultimates,

Reminder for KICKSTARTER BACKERS ONLY to check their personal PledgeBox link if you haven't done so since the big project update last year!

  • If you have completed / updated your PledgeBox survey this year or at least after this blogpost (June '23) then you are already set!

  • If you have never done or re-done your blogpost since the start of this Kickstarter then please do it now! The PledgeBox surveys will close on May 30th.

After closing the PledgeBox surveys the rewards will be packaged and the shipping labels will be printed. That's as definitive as it's going to get.

Project Status & Expectations

The dUltimate dice [CHECK!] ✅


The boxes are finished, packed, and put on a train from China to the Netherlands. This was supposed to be a few weeks faster than by boat, however due to mother nature and various conflicts on our planet the train has been delayed by a lot and is only just now queueing for customs in Germany. As soon as it's been checked there it will be loaded into a truck and delivered, hopefully latest next week(!), at my doorstep. In the meanwhile I'm constantly talking with my shipping contact and refreshing the tracking page for the truck:

At some point, hopefully early next week, these bulbs should start lighting up!

Here's the earlier blogpost on the decision to move goods via train instead of by sea even though it's the more expensive option:

Serial Cards [CHECK!] ✅

See earlier blogpost on the serial cards:

Other rewards [CHECK!] ✅

All other rewards, such as the big wooden dice tray, the foldable dice tray, dice paint, bags,... , have arrived and are awaiting packaging.

Timeline ⌚

Timeline remains the same as last time:

"...I expect that the boxes will arrive here earliest at the end of May and that the first dUltimate dice will be fulfilled on June 1st 2024."

Of course, more updates will follow as we closely monitor this process. Thank you all for your patience!!

❗Moving soon? Check your shipping details now‼️ ❗

Address changes can still be made by using your PledgeBox survey link until May 30th 2024! After that the PledgeBox will be closed as we enter the fulfillment phase.

As always, for any questions and comments you can contact me at

Keep on rolling!


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