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dUltimate - Kickstarter UPDATE #9

Hi Ultimates,

I am super thankful to all of you that we're making these dice a reality together. Every day for the past year or so I've been working a lot on this project. The last months has been especially busy with arranging everything for the Kickstarter, requesting quotations, getting the word out, and replying to every question and comment about this project. It's exhausting, but a lot of fun!


One of those comments was asking me if I could also offer a multicolored Glow-In-The-Dark option. At that moment I thought it would be possible, but I of course had to check how the colors would look with the base color of the glowing dice. Luckily I used the leftover Glow-In-The-Dark resin to (partially) fill up one of my old molds. It's not a completed dice, but it will show you what the color combination looks like and I'm actually pleasantly surprised by how well it works.

Showing off what the Glow-In-The-Dark with multicolor paint style could look like.

Changes to Premium Tier Stretch Goals

I love Kickstarter campaign were one goal after the other gets unlocked with more and more goodies being piled on onto an already great product. I tried to do the same thing with different styles for the dUltimate dice and we already have some very different styles available. However, I simply want more.

I talked to the manufacturers, did the calculations and updated the budgets. Long story short there isn't much headroom (only in the negative it seems...), but I am both excited and grateful to all of you that we got this far. So I believe we should celebrate that some way or another!

As a party gift I'm adding two more stretch goals within reach for the Premium Tier:

  • The Glow-In-The-Dark with Multicolor paint at 80k€ (just like described above)

  • The Iridescent Metal with White paint at 100k€ (instead of previous 230k€!)

Not one, but TWO new Premium Tier Stretch Goals added in!

I believe it is very likely that these goals will be reached in the final sprint the upcoming days. That way all Premium Tier pledges will have more styles to choose from. Personally, I just want the Iridescent Metal ;-)

The next few days will be very exciting! Expect more updates regarding the campaign, Stretch Goals, and so on. Love to hear your thoughts about these new goals in the comments!!

Keep on rolling!

- Len

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