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dUltimate - Kickstarter UPDATE #71

Hi Ultimates,

At the moment I have nothing new to share with you all yet. So just a small recap:

Project Status & Expectations


The new 46mm sized mold should be ready in about two weeks from now. After that the manufacturer will make new samples and get those coated for the various styles.

If you're wondering about the 46mm diameter, then please read the last update here:

Regarding the timeline, which is difficult to estimate before I have approved the final set of samples. From talking with the purchasing agent they mentioned this as a rule of thumb for this project:

After samples are validated; 1 month to start production, 1 month for production and quality control, 1 month for shipping (to the Netherlands), and then another 1 month for fulfillment = about 4 months total.

I will keep you all updated once I receive new information and once the production schedule is known!

Pledge Manager

You can still make changes to your address information yourself by going back to the PledgeBox link in your mailbox. Before the dice will be shipped I'll send out a reminder for everyone to check their address information via mail & Kickstarter. For anything else you can contact me at

Keep on rolling!


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