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dUltimate - Kickstarter UPDATE #64

Hi Ultimates,

More news from the manufacturing front!

Project Status & Expectations


The new samples for the metal dUltimate dice are on a plane right now and should be here in the Netherlands before the end of the week.

The new dUltimate samples!

Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope no more missing package shenanigans happen this time...

The plastic dUltimate dice versions

As mentioned in the previous update the plastic versions for the dUltimate dice have a bit more difficulties. After the manufacturers first two failed attempts at making successful samples according to spec we are now in discussion figuring out if there are other ways to manufacture them.

It is very likely that the plastic versions will be delayed compared to the metal versions. If we cannot figure out a way to successfully manufacture the plastic versions together with the manufacturer and the purchasing agent then we might have to move to only metal versions all together. If this would affect you, I would like to hear your thoughts about this possibility. Would you be OK with switching to a metal version? Would you be OK with "some" changes to the design of the plastic versions? Any other thoughts or ideas...?

For now though, I am still working with the other parties to make the plastic versions possible and awaiting further response from the manufacturer on how they believe we should continue.

Pledge Manager

You can still make changes to your address information and your pledge (including changes from plastic versions to metal versions) yourself by going back to the PledgeBox link in your mailbox. Before the dice will be shipped I'll send out a reminder for everyone to check their address information via mail & Kickstarter. For anything else you can contact me at

Keep on rolling!


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