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dUltimate - Kickstarter UPDATE #6

Hi Ultimates, it's Friday again!

Welcome to all new and old backers! In this weekly update I will keep you all up to date with everything that happened this week regarding the dUltimate dice project. I'll also share my goals and expectations for the next week.

Project status


  • In 7 days another 227 backers pledged another €12.258 to the dUltimate project (thank you!)

  • Another 5.000 people visited the Kickstarter page for the first time

  • Our team of backers consists of 70% from North America and 20-25% from Europe

  • A lot of communication between everyone with 215 comments now

  • Stretch Goal #1 unlocked (Translucent Black with Gold paint)

  • 96% of the way to Stretch Goal #2

  • Our Italian friends got a lot of interest in the dUltimate due to a post on Facebook by No Dice Unrolled... which should be followed up by a review very soon! ;-)

We still have a lot of days to go and a lot of exciting things are going to happen!


I've been doing several things the past week:

  • Promotion by myself on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit (both paid and unpaid)

  • Stopped with the smaller marketing companies, because they were not effective

  • Some of you shared various posts and made your own dUltimate posts (awesome!)

  • And realizing that the larger marketing companies have such cut-throat contracts that they can literally bankrupt me. So, even though I was talking about a potential partnership, that's a no go.

  • We had a successful cross-promotion with Mark and their Christmas Tree Dice campaign!

Expectations for next week


There are two more cross-promotions planned for next week. I'm not going to spoil them beforehand. But, they're both project that I personally find enjoyable and I am positive that some of you will like it too. Of course, that works both ways, so hopefully we will be able to welcome more backers to the group soon!

Stretch goals

As mentioned last week, we're super close to the next Stretch Goal. So close that I already started making a handmade glow-in-the-dark prototype!

Final notes

I changed removed the week numbering from the title because someone let me know that it didn't match with the numbering already present in the Kickstarter mail. If you have any feedback regarding this weekly project update format or its content then let me know in the comments.

Love you all!


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