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dUltimate - Kickstarter UPDATE #36

Hi Ultimates,

Another week another update!

Project status update & Expectations for next week

Sourcing Agent & Manufacturer

Coolen and the potential manufacturer have been in contact a few times. The business registration and financial situation of the manufacturer are deemed good and "low risk". They've shared with me some additional clips of machinery and working conditions in their factory which both look good.

I'm awaiting one more signature for the Non-Disclosure Agreement between myself and the manufacturer and I believe it's finally time to start with the sampling phase!

Pledge Manager

You can still make changes to your address information yourself by going back to the PledgeBox Pledge Manager if required. For anything else you can contact me at

Wedding Bells

Thank you very much for all your congratulations and well wishes! We had a great time and were able to share it with friends and family.

One small detail that you all might like is that the cufflinks I was wearing were dice!

Weekly dUltimate roll

d20=12 d12=4 d10=2(0) d8=7 d6=4 d4=3

Keep on rolling!


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