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dUltimate - Kickstarter UPDATE #30

Hi Ultimates,

Slightly delayed, but here's the weekly update!

Project status update

The Sourcing Agents

I have decided to let Coolen China represent me in China. They are specialized in quality control and have an extensive history in all kinds of products of which some have some similarities to the dUltimate dice. The agreement is in such a way that the project management and risks stay on my side, but I simply buy their expertise and time from their local personnel.

During face-to-face meetings with them they were positive that the technical documentation and specifications that I have created for the dUltimate dice are very good and has more then enough to get the manufacturer make the right product.

Actions that Coolen will execute for this project are for example:

  • Execute a background check on the company. Are they who they say they are, what are the risks when dealing with them;

  • Conduct a factory audit to check their machinery and methods;

  • Receive samples and make pictures for me to more quickly go through the sampling process;

  • Setup and check the final contract details;

  • Quality control during product and before shipping (we want are dUltimate to be a great product!);

  • Assist with importing the goods to the Netherlands.

Starting at the beginning, some things might go a bit slower due to Chinese New Year coming up, but the estimation from Coolen and myself are still Q2 for now.

Pledge Manager

You can still make changes to your address information yourself by going back to the PledgeBox Pledge Manager if required. For anything else you can contact me at

Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame will be updated every so often to include other Kickstarter backers that hadn't filled in their final details just yet. If you want to adjust your entry to the Hall of Fame than you can do that by opening up the Pledge Manager again.

Expectations for the next few weeks

Sourcing Agent

Next week I bring Coolen in contact with the manufacturer who's #1 on my short list. They will discuss with each other in Chinese and simultaneously they will check the business records. Coolen will return to me as soon as possible with a full background check on the manufacturer. This way we will know exactly who we're dealing with and will have less risk when making the decision to put them in charge of manufacturing.

Weekly dUltimate roll

d20: 12 - d12: 5 - d10: 2(0) - d8: 6 - d6: 5 - d4: 2

Keep on rolling!


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