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dUltimate - Kickstarter UPDATE #3

Hi Ultimates,

We hit our first Stretch goal!

We hit our first stretch goal and unlocked the Translucent Black with Gold paint style. That's awesome!

Rendered image vs Handmade Prototype

This was actually the most popular style selected in the pre-launch questionnaires - so thank you all for your feedback once more.

Now that this style is unlocked everyone is able choose this new style for their dUltimate. You will be able to choose the style for your dUltimate dice in the pledge manager after the campaign concludes.

But wait, there is more...

We also just surpassed the 1.000 backers! That means that we doubled in size compared to launch day in only six days... amazing!

Thank you to everyone who supported this campaign. I'm positive we can make many more things happen the following 23 days this campaign has left.

For now, if there are any questions or comments just put a comment down below or on the campaign page and I will reply as soon as possible... and don't forget to celebrate! To all of us!

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