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dUltimate - Kickstarter UPDATE #26

Hi Ultimates,

It's Friday again!

Project status update

Pledge Manager

You can still make changes to your address information yourself by going back to the PledgeBox Pledge Manager if required. For anything else you can contact me at

Before the fulfillment I will send everyone a final request to check if the address information is still up-to-date.

Sourcing Agents

I have met one of the sourcing agents face-to-face last Tuesday. They showed me similar products and their working method. This would be a good party in my opinion, but I want to await the conversations with the other parties to be 100% sure I select the best partner possible for this project and deliver you all high quality products in a timely manner!

Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame (as seen HERE) will be updated every so often to include other Kickstarter backers that hadn't filled in their final details just yet. We're up to 97% completion now!

Expectations for the next few weeks

Sourcing Agent

I have meetings scheduled with two other sourcing agents on the 21st and the 22nd of December. So the next weekly update will probably not be very exciting.

Is there anything you all would like me talk about in these weekly updates?

Keep on rolling!


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