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dUltimate - Kickstarter UPDATE #25

Hi Ultimates,

It's Friday again!

Project status update

Pledge Manager

The Pledge Manager is now locked. Changes, other than address information, can be made through contacting me at

Before the fulfillment I will send everyone a final request to check if the address information is still up-to-date.

Sourcing Agents

So I received and reviewed three offers from different sourcing agents and two more have joined and are making written offers too.

I have a face-to-face meeting planned with one of the parties next Tuesday and expect to meet one other party somewhere soon. In these meetings I will reiterate the important aspects of this design and request them to show me similar products/designs that they have successfully sourced. If all is well and I can afford their final offer then all lights are green from that point on!

Hall of Fame

It's finally here! The hall of fame can now be viewed on the dUltimate dice page on!

Here all of you amazing Kickstarter backers have been immortalized with your (nick)name and some even with words!! ...And I only had to censor very little so thank you for keeping it decent ;-)

The dUltimate Hall of Fame

Expectations for the next few weeks

Sourcing Agent

I will meet with one of the sourcing agents face-to-face and receive offers from others. As soon as a match is found then we continue from there.

Enjoy your weekends & ...

Keep on rolling!


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