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dUltimate - Kickstarter UPDATE #24

Hi Ultimates,

Another Friday, another update!

First I want to thank you all so much for your encouraging words last week. I will continue to focus on making a good quality product even though that will take just a bit more time (but not too much time!)

Project status update

Pledge Manager

Still 96% of the Pledge Manager surveys have been completed!

At the end of this month I will lock the Pledge Manager. After that point changes can only be made through contacting me at

Before the fulfillment I will send everyone a quick check to let me know if your address information is still correct.

Sourcing Agents

As mentioned last week I spoke with three sourcing agents and mailed with a few more.

  • All of them understood and were familiar with the challenges I'm facing;

  • All of them have people in the Netherlands whom I can visit and speak Dutch with;

  • All of them have people in China on their payroll that speak the Chinese language and understand the culture;

  • And all of them were very clear and transparant in communication.

So it will be a tough choice based on price, experiences with similar products, and size/reach of the company. I think this project is now in a much better situation than previous week and as soon as all the offers by the sourcing agents are finalized I can start working with one of them and know the final planning.

Expectations for the next few weeks

Sourcing Agent

I will receive and review the offers from various sourcing agents.

Hall of Fame

At the end of this month I will start working on the Hall of Fame for the dUltimate dice page as promised. That's only a few days away. Though, I will prioritize anything related with the sourcing agents to keep the overall project moving!

Keep on rolling!


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