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dUltimate - Kickstarter UPDATE #22

Hi Ultimates,

Another Friday, another update!

Last weekend I went to a board game show here in the Netherlands and played and pre-ordered the Dutch version of Everdell. It's a fun worker placement game with cute forest creatures. What's your current favorite board game?

Project status update

Pledge Manager

95% of the Pledge Manager surveys have been completed!

At the end of this month I will lock the Pledge Manager. After that point changes can only be made through contacting me at

Final Quotation

So most of the quotations are in now. Prices are a bit higher due to supply issues in raw materials, energy issues in the China, and overal labor costs rising globally. Some quotations are now double what they used to be, but others increased a bit more subtle luckily...

Factory Audit

Because the suppliers I intend to work with are on the other side of the planet I want to make sure that the quality will be good. Because when the money is wired to a manufacturer it will be impossible to get anything back if we're unhappy with the results.

For this I contacted a local auditing service. The next weeks I will work more with them to make sure the manufacturing contract with the supplier checks and and to make sure the dice get produced as we want them to get produced!


As mentioned previous week I will keep this planning component in the weekly updates:

September: Kickstarter campaign

October: pledge manager

November: final offer and placing order

December: producing first sample and checking the quality

January: manufacturing of dUltimate batch for all Kickstarter backers

February: shipping by boat to the Netherlands

March: quality check and start fulfillment

Expectations for the next few weeks

Factory Audit

I will spend time discussing the auditor and the manufacturer to make sure we have a solid manufacturing contract.

Hall of Fame

At the end of this month (or if the Pledge Manager hits 100% before that moment) the Hall of Fame will be created and added to the dUltimate dice page.

Keep on rolling!


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