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dUltimate - Kickstarter UPDATE #21

Hi Ultimates,

Another week, another update!

Project status update

Pledge Manager

94% of the Pledge Manager surveys have been completed. Only 6% more!

I'll send another reminder out soon to those that haven't interacted with the PledgeBox Pledge Manager yet.

At the end of this month I will lock the Pledge Manager. After that point changes can only be made through contacting me at

Final Quotation

Questions and responses to the final quotation request are pouring in. I already received two complete quotations. Both of these manufacturers explained that their price is now a lot higher than it was a few months ago mostly due to recourse and energy prices. I will await the prices from other manufacturers before I make any final conclusions.


As mentioned previous week I will keep this planning component in the weekly updates:

September: Kickstarter campaign

October: pledge manager

November: final offer and placing order

December: producing first sample and checking the quality

January: manufacturing of dUltimate batch for all Kickstarter backers

February: shipping by boat to the Netherlands

March: quality check and start fulfillment

Kickstarter post about global shipping and manufacturing delays.

Expectations for the next few weeks

Final Quotation

I will spend time discussing with manufacturers and answer their questions such that they can supply me their final quotation for the dUltimate dice in a timely manner.

Hall of Fame

At the end of this month (or if the Pledge Manager hits 100% before that moment) the Hall of Fame will be created and added to the dUltimate dice page.

Keep on rolling!


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