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dUltimate - Kickstarter UPDATE #2

Hi Ultimates,

First off, thank you all for your support! Not only does this mean so much to me personally to see all of you chatting enthusiastically about these dice, but I also love that we're making this dice happen together. That we're birthing a genuinely new type of dice for the gaming and dice communities all over the world!

Project updates

This is the first of a weekly series of project updates that you will receive from me. In this series I will inform you about the progress made and what to expect in the upcoming days. If you have any feedback about these update (too long/short, more/less info about X, tone, etc.) then please feel free to leave a comment and let me know. We will be in this project together for some, so might as well help each other out to ensure an enjoyable experience!

Project status

We absolutely did it! In less than 24 hours our combined powers made us reach the funding goal. We took the first step in making these dice a reality!


  • 3.5 days have passed and the project is 146% funded

  • About 6000 people visited the Kickstarter page since launch

  • 823 backers now of which 65-70% from North America and 20-25% from Europe

  • More than 100 comments on the campaign

  • 82% of the way to Stretch Goal #1

  • Matt Parker (#1 best-selling author, also maths clown) made a post about the dUltimate Kickstarter on Twitter

It has been a super exiting first few days with a lot going on. I must say that I'm a bit surprised that the support from Europe is lower than expected even though this campaign is launched from Europe. Might be because Kickstarters audience in general is more from North America, who knows...

We still have a lot of days to go and a lot of exciting things can happen!

Expectations for next week


I want to promote the dUltimate dice more, because only about 6000 people have actually seen the Kickstarter page. If I compare this to the 2.4 million people subscribed to /r/DnD on Reddit then I realize that only a very small portion of the gaming community even knows of the dUltimate dice.

Of course, I do not expect everyone to like, want to support, or even be able to support the project. But I am 100% positive that there are people out there that have never heard of the dUltimate that would find it a cool addition for their games or collection.

Now I do not have the same budget available for marketing like Samsung ($2.41 billion in marketing...) but I believe some marketing will help us all in getting these dice out there and unlocking some nice Stretch goals in the progress. I'm already talking with a few parties to get the word out via online marketing that should either be live now or very soon.

Sharing = caring

I already got some questions from backers asking if they could help in any way. Well, yes actually! If you want this campaign to grow and are willing to do some work then you can simply share this campaign with other people.

The goal of sharing is not to get people to pledge, but just to tell them about this new type of dice and why you are excited about it! Maybe they like it, maybe they don't, but at least they've seen it and might share it with someone else.

Perhaps you even know or like a certain Youtuber, D&D-player, streamer, or influencer whom you might think could be interested in these unique dice. Believe me if I say that I've been contacting a lot of people on the internet for the past 3-6 months or so and a lot of people can be very willing to chat. The only thing is: I only know the people I know, and together we know a lot more people!

If think that last sentence is a big factor in why this campaign doesn't have as many European backers. Simply because every country has their own local communities that often speak their own national language... For instance, I don't speak Polish so I don't know any Polish D&D streamers or Tabletop communities.

Ok, that's enough of that. You get the idea! If you want to help then feel free to do so. If you think you know someone I should contact, then let me know!

Stretch goals

I am pretty sure that we will hit the first Stretch goal in the next week! A backer suggested that I make some videos of the different styles to better show of the different colors and I will plan to do that for each unlocked Stretch goal.

Final notes

Thanks for getting this far, as mentioned before: any feedback regarding this weekly project update format is welcome! Also any further questions or comments about the dUltimate dice let me know or post them in the Comments section of the campaign page.

Talk to you soon!


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