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dUltimate - Kickstarter UPDATE #17

Hi Ultimates,

Here is the info about the Pledge Manager you've all been waiting for!

Pledge Manager rollout

I've finished setting up the Pledge Manager. It's been quite a task, but I've checked every value and we are ready to go.


Tomorrow, 14 October the first wave of Pledge Managers will be send out to approximately 5% of all backers. This "smoke test", as it's called, is there to catch any bugs that might remain.

If everything is going as expected then the rest of the Pledge Managers will be send out latest on Sunday 17 October.

How to use the PledgeBox Pledge Manager?

I've made a step-by-step guide for you with some images.

This will be the first screen you see once you open the PledgeBox link from your e-mail. In this screen you confirm if PledgeBox has received the correct information from Kickstarter. See my comments in purple on the left:

After confirming you will be able to select your country and Styles for your dUltimate dice:

Finally, PledgeBox will neatly guide you through the final steps:

  • Select Add-ons (optional)

  • Enter Shipping details

  • Confirm and enter payment details

Need help?

Does something looks off? Do you have any questions? Need help filling something in? Did you miss out on the Kickstarter? Did your payment fail with Kickstarter? Just contact me directly and we'll work it out!

Product images and videos

Here's a comparison of the rendered product images and the real-world images:

And here is a short video where I roll the handmade prototypes:


Note: some of the prototypes have some imperfections on the surface - these imperfections will not be there on the manufactured dice.

That's all for now. As soon as all the mails are send out I will post more information for anyone that might have missed their mail. These two posts together will also account for the weekly update of this week.

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