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dUltimate - Kickstarter UPDATE #15

Hi Ultimates,

Welcome to all new and old backers! In this weekly update I will talk about what happened this week and my goals and expectations for the next weeks.

Project status


  • In the last 5 days another 632 backers pledged another €32.975 to the dUltimate project (thank you!)

  • Another 5.000 people visited the Kickstarter page for the first time

  • Our team of backers consists of 70% from North America and 20-25% from Europe

  • Four(!) Stretch Goals were unlocked in these final days:

  • Stretch Goal #2b unlocked (Glow-In-The-Dark with Multicolor paint)

  • Stretch Goal #3 unlocked (Bronze Metal with Black paint)

  • Stretch Goal #3b unlocked (Iridescent Metal with White Paint)

  • Stretch Goal #4 unlocked (Silver Metal with Multicolor paint)

Especially the final 48 hours were very exciting!

Party time

The campaign ended and has been funded at almost 400%. Once again, thank you all so much for your enthusiasm and support for this project! I got myself some pizza and a drink to celebrate this awesome first stage of this project 😊🍕🍺

Expectations for the next weeks

Pledge Manager

I know that everyone is excited to set their Style choices for their dUltimate dice. I'm working the next week to set up the PledgeBox Pledge Manager with support from the PledgeBox team.

Expect the backer survey to be send out around 14th October 2021 - there will be another update with more details, better Style images, and detailed guide/explanations closer to this date.

Some things you can already expect in the Pledge Manager:

  • Select dUltimate dice styles for your Standard and Premium tier dice

  • Set your shipping details and pay for shipping

  • (Optionally) change your Reward tier to a higher Reward tier

  • (Optionally) select additional Add-ons


I've already received some messages from people that have missed out on the Kickstarter. I noticed there is an option to do this via PledgeBox. I will have to dive into this after setting up the Pledge Manager. If you're interested in Pre-ordering then check out the update next week for more information.

Keep on rolling!


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