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dUltimate - Kickstarter UPDATE #1

Describe the moment when you hit “launch” on your project. What did it feel like?

WOW! I cannot describe in any other way how I feel right now. All you support, excitement, and great communication have made this project reach its funding goal within the first 24 hours after launch. That is amazing!

Thank you so much to each and every one of you! Next stop: Stretch goal #1 @ 50k for the Translucent black with gold paint style

Whenever a new style gets unlocked you do not have to change your pledge. You will be able to choose the style you want from the available unlocked styles in the pledge manager send out when the campaign concludes. But there's still so many more Stretch goals that we can reach together to unlock new and exciting styles, for instance #2 with Glow-in-the-dark, or #3 which adds (real) metal options to the Premium tier! If you have the option, please consider sharing this campaign with friends, family, gaming group, etc. together we will help each other in making these dice a reality for the dice user all over the world!

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