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dUltimate dice - Kickstarter UPDATE #93

Hi Ultimates,

Customs in Germany delayed the wooden boxes - they are now back on the road towards the Netherlands.

Which is extremely annoying for all of you - because this means that the project has another (although tiny) delay. On the other hand, it seems nothing extreme happened at customs and the boxes are now on their way here.

I'm pretty bummed out about the delay due to above reasons, but also because I took of almost two weeks from my day job to focus on getting a head start on fulfilling these Kickstarter rewards, but unfortunately we can't change this reality. What we can do is focus on the positive and make sure that the rewards can still get dispatched as soon as possible.

Thank you all so much for the kind comments and e-mails that I have received over the past month. This project has been such a rollercoaster at times and hearing your encouragement really helps and makes it all worth it!!

Project Status & Expectations

The dUltimate dice [CHECK!] ✅


The wooden boxes arrived, after some delay, by train in Germany. There they were held for a very long time for a selected in-depth inspection of the goods. I've been in contact with the shipping agent on a daily basis and they let me know they couldn't do anything for this situation except keep me up to date. The moment the customs cleared the packages and the postal service could pick it up my agent let me know:

Here's the earlier blogpost on the decision to move goods via train instead of by sea even though it's the more expensive option:

Serial Cards [CHECK!] ✅

See earlier blogpost on the serial cards:

Other rewards [CHECK!] ✅

All other rewards, such as the big wooden dice tray, the foldable dice tray, dice paint, bags,... , have arrived and are awaiting packaging.

Timeline ⌚

The delay in shipment does mean that I unfortunately didn't hit the expected June 1st, but I'm still 100% going for fulfilling the first dUltimate dice in June 2024!

Of course, more updates will follow as we closely monitor this process. Thank you all for your patience!!

Moving soon?

Send me an e-mail at with your Kickstarter backer number / e-mail and we can arrange it. During the next few weeks response time might be a bit slower because I'm mainly focusing on packing and shipping the dUltimate dice.

As always, for any questions and comments you can contact me at

Keep on rolling!


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