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dUltimate dice - Kickstarter UPDATE #85

Hi Ultimates,

Time for another Friday Update:

Project Status & Expectations

Dice Shipment

The dice should be nearing the Dutch coast in the upcoming week. As soon as they arrive they'll go through customs and finally send over to my place for final inspection. 


The boxes are being produced! Hopefully they'll be able to make good progress to get everything shipped before Chinese New Year. Some images of the process:

The raw materials. These boxes will be made of actual wooden planks instead of MDF or other wood-derivatives.

Rubber bands are used to keep the panels aligned and slightly pressed together while the wood glue does its thing. Simple but very effective!


Moving soon?

Address changes can still be made by using your PledgeBox survey link. Before the dice will be shipped I'll send out a reminder for everyone to check their address information via mail/Kickstarter.

As always, for any questions and comments you can contact me at

Keep on rolling!


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