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dUltimate dice - Kickstarter UPDATE #82

Hi Ultimates,

Hope you're having a great Friday!

Project Status & Expectations


* as of start of this week, two of the dUltimate dice styles from this Kickstarter have been fully completed. They are coated, painted, and awaiting final inspection.

Rainbow colored dUltimate dice are now ready!

Bronze colored dUltimate dice are now ready!

Do note that these dice will not be shipped to the Netherlands until all dice are ready. Only after shipping the final inspection and packaging (by me personally) will be done before fulfillment.

The factory is arranging the date for quality control by my purchasing partner right now and is expected to take place next week.

One interesting note by the manufacturer on the subject of delays was that painting a single dice of the multicolor variant takes about 30 minutes! With even more time spend on the white Multicolor versions. That's a long time especially assuming that the workers painting these dice are experts at this delicate job. Assuming a bit less time for the other dice that would still make up about 180 working days of painting time required for all these dice combined - that's about half a year!! Fortunately for all of us this isn't done by just one person and we don't have to wait that long for all the dice to be painted.


Moving soon?

Address changes can still be made by using your PledgeBox survey link. Before the dice will be shipped I'll send out a reminder for everyone to check their address information via mail/Kickstarter.

As always, for any questions and comments you can contact me at

Keep on rolling!


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