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Dice Darts: a simply game for your dUltimate dice

Dice darts

  • 2+ players

  • requirements: at least one dUltimate

  • a good way to learn using the dUltimate

How to play

Decide the first player by rolling a d20 on the dUltimate, highest roller goes first.

Each players starts with 121 points. Your turn is as follows:

  1. decide which dice type you want to roll

  2. roll the dUltimate

  3. remove the rolled number from your point total, unless your point total would go into the negatives, then do nothing

  4. pass the turn to the player on the right

How to win

If you hit exactly 0 on your point total after a turn, then you win and the game ends!

Dice types on the dUltimate

The dice types (which must be declared before rolling) are as follows:

  • d4: 1..4

  • d6: 1..6

  • d8: 1..8

  • d10 (single digits): 0..9

  • d12: 1..12

  • d20: 1..20

  • d10 (double digits): 00..90

Final thoughts

This is a quick and easy game with some push-your-luck moments while trying to reach 0 as fast as possible! After playing one or two of these games (with use of the manual) you will have mastered the dUltimate die and will be able to use it in all types of tabletop games!

Besides mastering there will be some fun situations in these games were one is not able to make the final finishing roll and the other player catches up. Or when you have 14 points and choose to go "safe" by rolling d12, but then you see than if you had chosen d20 you would've won immediately!

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