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Age4Builder - an Age of Empire IV Build Order Tool

Most of you have only seen content regarding the dUltimate dice from me, but what most don't know is that I did quite some webdesigning in the past.

Combine that with my love for both tabletop games and videogames, and sometimes a project like this spawns:

A Build Order Tool to view, create, and share build orders for your favorite civilizations for the videogames Age of Empires IV.

This is not a tool that should dictate how you play the game, but this can merely assist a newer player in learning the Player vs Player game. Or allow a pro to share their knowledge with others!

What does this have to do with LEN polygon? Well, LEN polygon is all about games and game accessoires. This is just another one of the lather categorie.

As I'm writing this post I've just pushed v0.3 into the world. So there's still a lot of room for improvement!

If you're interested in the code behind it then you can follow along on the Github page:

Or check out the tool itself on:

The next post will be about the dUltimate again, because there's some movement there as well!

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