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dUltimate dice specifications & comparison to other dice:


What dice can a dUltimate die replace?

dUltimate dice can replace any ordinary polyhedral dice set used for Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), Tabletop or Tactical RPG's (TRPG), or other boardgames. It can be read as d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and d20. Additionally the dU can also be used as d2, d100, and some other rare rolls.

CLICK HERE to view the manual. This guide explains how to roll for each type of dice.

How to read the dUltimate?

Reading the dUltimate is much easier than you might think.


The basic layout of the dU Ultimate Die is based on an icosahedron (d20) and its corners forming a dodecahedron (d12).


CLICK HERE to view the manual. In this guide you will go through each type of roll step-by-step.

Are dUltimate dice fair?

Yes! Due to design for geometry, probability, and number balancing:




dU Ultimate Dice are shaped after a disdyakis triacontahedron which is a 120-sided polehedron. The largest and most complex shape that still allows for a fair die.

The basic layout of the digits is modeled after a icosahedron (d20) with each icosahedron-triangle using 6 of the 120 faces.

In the corners of thes icosahedron you will find the 12 circles forming the dodecahedron (d12).

Even though the surface triangles are cut short by the circles all triangles are still equal in size and they still have the center of mass right in the center of the remaining surface.




dU Ultimate Dice have 120 faces.

For each roll the number appears once or twice and each roll used one or more of these faces resulting in the following odds:

(count x faces) : 120 

​d4, (2 x 15) : 120 = 1 : 4

d6, (2 x 10) : 120 = 1 : 6

d8, (1 x 15) : 120 = 1 : 8

d10, (2 x 6) : 120 = 1 : 10

d12, (1 x 10) : 120 = 1 : 12

d20, (1 x 6) : 120 = 1 : 20

See for yourself!




Even though the mathematics are sound there is still a matter of real world tolerances to take into account when producing a dice.

For this reason multiple types of number balancing are applied:

- opposite numbers add up to dice max + 1

- corners are as balanced as possible*

- edges are as balanced as possible*

* as balanced as possible meaning: without sacrificing readability, when possible similar/same numbers are placed within the same triangle for ease of use 


Do you have (more) pictures of the dUltimate dice?

What's the latest news?

Please see my Instagram page and/or the News page of this website.



Expected timeline and cost of dUltimate?

I expect that the Kickstarter launches somewhere in June/July.

If successfully funded, at the earliest the dice may be produced by the end of 2021. 

More information will follow during the Kickstarter.

If the kickstarter is unsuccessful, I am still inclined to create a small batch by myself in the same way that I created the prototypes.

The exact cost is not fully defined, I'm looking at quotations as of writing. For now the price could be anywhere between $20 - $50. Subscribe to the newsletter below to receive updates!

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