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dUltimate - Kickstarter UPDATE #4

Hi Ultimates,

Welcome to everyone who joined the team! In this weekly update I will keep you all up to date with everything that happened this week regarding the dUltimate dice project. I'll also share my goals and expectations for the next week.

Project status

We are still growing! Since last week we passed the 1.000 backers, unlocked a new dUltimate style, and more! (Did you also notice the project banner got update to include the new unlocked style?)


  • In 7 days another 299 backers pledged another €14.159 to the dUltimate project

  • Another 8.000 people visited the Kickstarter page for the first time

  • Our team of backers consists of 65-70% from North America and 20-25% from Europe

  • A lot of communication between everyone with almost 190 comments now

  • Stretch Goal #1 unlocked (Translucent Black with Gold paint)

  • 79% of the way to Stretch Goal #2

  • Rybonator (Professional Dice Goblin, Pun Maker, and Dungeon Master) made a post about the dUltimate Kickstarter on Twitter

Some people have contacted me with worries that the campaigns performance is not doing to well because it's not going as fast as the first few days. However, this mid-campaign-plateau is very standard for Kickstarter campaigns. It picks back up on the final few days when people get their final-hours notifications. So I wont worry about it, also I am doing everything I can to keep the dice rolling.

We still have a lot of days to go and a lot of exciting things can happen!

Pledge manager

PledgeBox will be the pledge manager for this campaign. I recently reviewed all the Kickstarter certified pledge managers and had some demo sessions with some of them. With all the options required for this campaign I believe this will be the best option. What does that mean for you?

After the campaign concludes you will receive a survey send via PledgeBox. In this survey you will:

  • See exactly what you pledged here on Kickstarter

  • Enter or change your desired shipping address

  • Choose the styles you want for each dice separately(!)

  • Change your pledge to a higher reward or add additional dice or add-ons (at Kickstarter price)

  • Pay for shipping and any additional rewards you've selected

Near the end of the campaign there will be a more detailed post with what you can expect. For experienced backers this will be standard practice, but being a new backer myself once I know that this can be very confusing at first. So stay tuned for more information!


I've been doing several things the past week:

  • Promotion by myself on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit (both paid and unpaid)

  • Let a few smaller marketing companies promote it in various ways

  • Some of you shared various posts and made your own dUltimate posts (awesome!)

  • Send a prototype to No Dice Unrolled for review and sharing with the Italian D&D community

  • And going over the contract details for a large marketing firm to promote the dUltimate...!

Expectations for next week


I expect to agree and sign the contract with a large marketing firm to promote the dUltimate Kickstarter campaign. This means next week will be when I share all the details, and they will prepare all the materials and copy. I expect the effect to be visible the week after.

Also, there are a few other creators on Kickstarter whos projects and what they stand for I really enjoy. I've been engaged with them in talks about some potential cross-promotion with them which could be fun and helpful for all of us!

Stretch goals

Based on the current pace of the campaign we will likely hit or be very close to the second Stretch Goal when I write next weeks Project Update. I'm also 99,9% positive that we will hit Metal dice Stretch Goal before the campaign concludes.

Final notes

Thanks for getting this far. If you have any feedback regarding this weekly project update format or its content then let me know in the comments!

Talk to you soon!


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